Premises Promises

Premises Promises

patches of growth
the ground is ready for spring
but are we
arrows pointing up
two large diamond windows in the hill
crops of holes
punched in the dirt
poked in the cloud
poked in the promise
the windows make eyes
at the new red arch
a strange lazy building
lounges blue across the ground
i stand on it
premises promises

This digitally finger painted piece was a collaboration with the students from Trinity Episcopal School when they visited Ciel Gallery. Read more here. Add this painting to your collection.

Six Figure Under

six figure underthe painting’s title is a play on words (as many of mine are) and little bit chiding myself in the process
a as an artist there is most likely not going to be an “over six figure” income in my future
until maybe after I am six feet under
in this scene there are six figures dispersed “under” the central point of village
are they aware? are they unhappy? what is their discourse?
thats for you to determine…

trans-continental lunch break

Today during lunch I was invited by my friend and Woven Narratives art partner Fabric Lenny to join him in taking a new app Talkboard for a collaborative spin. It has been a while since we were able to do realtime collaboration (R.I.P. Sketchshare), so it was a welcome activity to get back into.  Not much later, our shared digital whiteboard resulted in “Pinocchio & the Minotaur“. Look for more to come as we make the most of this new creative outlet.

Pinnochio & the Minotaur

wow mini session at Ciel


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Trinity Episcopal School 5-8th graders recently spent a day at Ciel Gallery exploring art as part of “WOW Week” (WithOutWalls). I joined artist Caroline Brown and Pam Goode in providing art mini sessions for the students. As part of my … Continue reading