Color starts the conversation – at the Mint

color starts the conversation
color starts the conversation
hue and i keep it going
much talk leads to saturation
value is in the knowing

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to present my work at the Mint Museum of Craft + Design Uptown Charlotte for April’s Family Fun Day. It didn’t take long for the main atrium where we were to be packed full of art enthusiast of all ages. I asked visitors; “what is your favorite color?”.  Each were encourage to “touch” their hue in color picker on my iPad.  I proceeded to integrate their choice into the village I was painting. The image (and poem) above is the result of an afternoon of colorful conversation.

SFD Cool and Contemp April2014 photos by Mint Museum (9) See more images from the event.

Sip & Stroll : first night

Last night kicked off the 2013 Sip & Stroll weekend at the Epicenter in uptown Charlotte. This was my first year having a booth on the third floor. There was steady foot traffic from 30 min before the event began, continuing to after ten pm. I decided to go tentless so I could easily project on the side of the building while painted on my iPad throughout the evening. I placed a second iPad out on the table and encouraged visitors to do a little painting themselves. It provided a great segway to enter into discussion about the art.
I had the opportunity to share my art story with by lots of interesting folks as they enjoyed their wine. I met a young art enthusiast, older wine purveyors, and a whole range of ages in between.
A few teachers stopped by and I shared with them stories of my own classroom visits. We discussed how art creation is relatable as a teaching tool across many curriculum – even math :). I dialoged a facinating couple from Panama that responded to favorably to my work. They said it reminded them of structures in Panama. We discussed an idea for a commission where I will take actual locations special to them and convert into my villages much like I did with the town halls in Barnsley .
I am looking forward to a great day today, If you are in Charlotte this weekend I will sharing my art until 8pm tonight.



Woven Narratives Saltaire Show


Woven Narratives Promotion Material

After my return from iamda mobile art 2010 conference I kept up with some of the new friendships that had started. One of those new friends was fabric Lenny. Before we even knew each other we had the pleasure of both being featured in the July edition of mac forum, after the conference I was emailing him an image he created on my iPad when his battery had died, and he quipped that when he opened the file he was disappointed to find his own work and not an invitation to colloborate, so how could I refuse?

The next thing I did was send him some drawings I had begun. We set down the ground rules and the mesh up began…

A year later the collaborative project ‘Woven Narratives’ bares its fruits to the public for the first time! Tonight marked the opening of an exciting new show at The Butterfly Rooms’ in Saltaire, Bradford, UK. The exhibition showcases a series of limited edition Acrylic Panels, alongside a collection of small scale soft sculptures. The show will run for 4 weeks. Both Fabric and I see this as the beginning of  something wonderful.