Ireland Residency Day Zero

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ireland-blog-1As I type amid the sound track of late night “Eve-o-Race Week” (not NASCAR- horses!)
celebrating? outside my window, I reflect on what has been a stellar start of a sure to be amazing Artist Residency. It has been 24 hours +5 since I first rolled from my Charlotte bed on Friday 9/9/16 at 7:15.
Lovely Ang, graciously dropped me off at CLT airport. A short wait, a Stireland-blog-2arbucks, a Pokie-stop, a nice hop on JetBlue , yes there really was more leg room, later I landed in JFK.
 I  spent the next 6 or so hours working the code for the day job while enjoying a beautiful airport, hitting a couple more Pokie-stops enjoying the birds in the terminal. Then at a little past six and a FaceTime to the fam to reassure the pets . I boarded a full and green plane for my skip over the pond.
For someone who LOVES to fly this flight was too short :).
I spent some of the flight working on a pen & ink drawing in my sketch journal, which was a wonderful gift from from previous Ireland visitor Pam Goode.
Our flight actaully arrived early and I landed under the cover of darkness in to Shannon Ireland. As to be expected, my first task after gliding pleasantly through customs was to acquire coffee. Straight away, I hopped in a queue and acquired the much sought after  elixir from the news stand adjacent to baggage claim. However, what I didn’t consider was that my nimble nine fingers were already fully occupied with a backpack, a carry-on, and a suitcase. The surprise here is the carry-on i journeyed with happens to be an “old-school” two-wheeler, while my main luggage is a hipster four wheeler. “So what” you say. Well navigating a four wheeler at 5:50 am with one hand and the totally different dynamics of a two-wheeler with the other, makes it a bit of a feet to carry a cup of hot coffee. graphics-interchange-format-gif-f31f142d1191-1After a circus of moves I successfully traversed out of the store only to bust nary two steps beyond the threshold. And that is how I officially created my first “public” art piece in Ireland. :)
After my humiliation, and not so subtly placing a bright caution wet floor sign I had little trouble acquiring a ticket for the bus.  Thankfully, it too arrived early and silently crept away wit just me and one elderly lady who didn’t drink coffe.The sun is just rising…
I know its rude, in any country to halt a tale mid-step if you will, but alas it HAS been more than 29 hours with just a dust of sleep. So, I am going to make you wait to hear the rest of day 0 and 1 of my Ireland residency.
Stay tuned you don’t want to miss bus drawing, and first stroll through town, and first incredible evening at JB’s….

Premises Promises

Premises Promises

patches of growth
the ground is ready for spring
but are we
arrows pointing up
two large diamond windows in the hill
crops of holes
punched in the dirt
poked in the cloud
poked in the promise
the windows make eyes
at the new red arch
a strange lazy building
lounges blue across the ground
i stand on it
premises promises

This digitally finger painted piece was a collaboration with the students from Trinity Episcopal School when they visited Ciel Gallery. Read more here. Add this painting to your collection.

Accenture Adventure

Accentur-ate_communityRecently, I was approached by the Arts & Science Council about an opportunity to participate in a special community event of a Charlotte based management consulting firm Accenture. The event was a day long affair to build community in the company. I was invited to do a live painting to be projected during the portion of the program spotlighting ways employees have already invested individually in the local community and offering ways for them to push further.

The event took place in the Mint Museum uptown. In typical grauel style I responded to the words, and actions of the speakers in the form of whimsical village shapes inspired by the activity. The time flew by with laughter and crowd support. At the end of the session I was sad to depart. Over the week following, I revised and honed the image into the painting below. I am grateful to the ASC and Accenture for allowing me to be a part of their community. I look forward to more adventures in live painting. A 15” x 20” acrylic panel of the work will soon be hanging in the main office of Accenture Charlotte. You can add this to your own art collection here.

We really enjoyed having Jonathan at our meeting and were so appreciative that he was able to capture the event and our discussions in such a creative way.  We loved the work that Jonathan did for us and I know we will enjoy it for many years to come.” – Accenture

Special thanks to Virginia Garramone & Shannon Walker at the ASC and Laura Breiding at Accenture for working with me to make this happen.

Audience Evoked – Art+Apertif

In March I had the pleasure of joining my friend (and fellow Ciel Gallery partner) Emily Andreas at Le Meridian Evoke restaurant for the ArtPop sponsored event Art+Apertif. In order to engage the crowd that night I started a group activity. I invited vistors to join me in a live collaboration. As I walked around the room everyone, no matter how reluctant, made an effort to leave their mark. For some, it was their first time ever doing something creative on the iPad. Afterwards I constructed a grauel village on their foundation allowing the participants’ color choices, line quality, and shape to influence my own. Below is the image at the end of the night and the completed village next to it. Take a closer look or get your fine art print here.

Open To Evoke

Art+Apertif village

le-meridian-group-collab - 1 le-meridian-group-collab - 2 le-meridian-group-collab - 3