Ireland Residency Day Zero

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ireland-blog-1As I type amid the sound track of late night “Eve-o-Race Week” (not NASCAR- horses!)
celebrating? outside my window, I reflect on what has been a stellar start of a sure to be amazing Artist Residency. It has been 24 hours +5 since I first rolled from my Charlotte bed on Friday 9/9/16 at 7:15.
Lovely Ang, graciously dropped me off at CLT airport. A short wait, a Stireland-blog-2arbucks, a Pokie-stop, a nice hop on JetBlue , yes there really was more leg room, later I landed in JFK.
 I  spent the next 6 or so hours working the code for the day job while enjoying a beautiful airport, hitting a couple more Pokie-stops enjoying the birds in the terminal. Then at a little past six and a FaceTime to the fam to reassure the pets . I boarded a full and green plane for my skip over the pond.
For someone who LOVES to fly this flight was too short :).
I spent some of the flight working on a pen & ink drawing in my sketch journal, which was a wonderful gift from from previous Ireland visitor Pam Goode.
Our flight actaully arrived early and I landed under the cover of darkness in to Shannon Ireland. As to be expected, my first task after gliding pleasantly through customs was to acquire coffee. Straight away, I hopped in a queue and acquired the much sought after  elixir from the news stand adjacent to baggage claim. However, what I didn’t consider was that my nimble nine fingers were already fully occupied with a backpack, a carry-on, and a suitcase. The surprise here is the carry-on i journeyed with happens to be an “old-school” two-wheeler, while my main luggage is a hipster four wheeler. “So what” you say. Well navigating a four wheeler at 5:50 am with one hand and the totally different dynamics of a two-wheeler with the other, makes it a bit of a feet to carry a cup of hot coffee. graphics-interchange-format-gif-f31f142d1191-1After a circus of moves I successfully traversed out of the store only to bust nary two steps beyond the threshold. And that is how I officially created my first “public” art piece in Ireland. :)
After my humiliation, and not so subtly placing a bright caution wet floor sign I had little trouble acquiring a ticket for the bus.  Thankfully, it too arrived early and silently crept away wit just me and one elderly lady who didn’t drink coffe.The sun is just rising…
I know its rude, in any country to halt a tale mid-step if you will, but alas it HAS been more than 29 hours with just a dust of sleep. So, I am going to make you wait to hear the rest of day 0 and 1 of my Ireland residency.
Stay tuned you don’t want to miss bus drawing, and first stroll through town, and first incredible evening at JB’s….

tea light befriending a wine glass no.24 draw365

tea light befriending a wine glass no.24 draw365

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This was fun little iPhone painting started at a dinner party with the parents of our daughter’s friend. It was my first time to their home. She had these cool little candles lined on the counter, and their shapes where such a great contrast to the generous sized wine goblet. I just had to draw the scene, while still being polite and engaging in conversation.