Ireland Residency Day Zero

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ireland-blog-1As I type amid the sound track of late night “Eve-o-Race Week” (not NASCAR- horses!)
celebrating? outside my window, I reflect on what has been a stellar start of a sure to be amazing Artist Residency. It has been 24 hours +5 since I first rolled from my Charlotte bed on Friday 9/9/16 at 7:15.
Lovely Ang, graciously dropped me off at CLT airport. A short wait, a Stireland-blog-2arbucks, a Pokie-stop, a nice hop on JetBlue , yes there really was more leg room, later I landed in JFK.
 I  spent the next 6 or so hours working the code for the day job while enjoying a beautiful airport, hitting a couple more Pokie-stops enjoying the birds in the terminal. Then at a little past six and a FaceTime to the fam to reassure the pets . I boarded a full and green plane for my skip over the pond.
For someone who LOVES to fly this flight was too short :).
I spent some of the flight working on a pen & ink drawing in my sketch journal, which was a wonderful gift from from previous Ireland visitor Pam Goode.
Our flight actaully arrived early and I landed under the cover of darkness in to Shannon Ireland. As to be expected, my first task after gliding pleasantly through customs was to acquire coffee. Straight away, I hopped in a queue and acquired the much sought after  elixir from the news stand adjacent to baggage claim. However, what I didn’t consider was that my nimble nine fingers were already fully occupied with a backpack, a carry-on, and a suitcase. The surprise here is the carry-on i journeyed with happens to be an “old-school” two-wheeler, while my main luggage is a hipster four wheeler. “So what” you say. Well navigating a four wheeler at 5:50 am with one hand and the totally different dynamics of a two-wheeler with the other, makes it a bit of a feet to carry a cup of hot coffee. graphics-interchange-format-gif-f31f142d1191-1After a circus of moves I successfully traversed out of the store only to bust nary two steps beyond the threshold. And that is how I officially created my first “public” art piece in Ireland. :)
After my humiliation, and not so subtly placing a bright caution wet floor sign I had little trouble acquiring a ticket for the bus.  Thankfully, it too arrived early and silently crept away wit just me and one elderly lady who didn’t drink coffe.The sun is just rising…
I know its rude, in any country to halt a tale mid-step if you will, but alas it HAS been more than 29 hours with just a dust of sleep. So, I am going to make you wait to hear the rest of day 0 and 1 of my Ireland residency.
Stay tuned you don’t want to miss bus drawing, and first stroll through town, and first incredible evening at JB’s….